4 Top Ways For Saving Money On Rental Cars

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Traveling across the country can be daunting, especially for those who do not travel often. Whether visiting family for the holidays or going on a business trip, the last thing that the traveler wants to worry about is her finances. She does not want to have to worry that this trip will break the proverbial bank. So after she gets off the airplane, she will want to know the financial variables and how she can reduce costs. While some may think that rental car prices are just a given, there are a few ways for her to significantly reduce that expense.

Do Not Pay In Advance

Sometimes procrastination is a virtue. The traveler might be inclined to pay for the rental car a few weeks before her trip just so it is out of the way. But this could actually cost her a bit more. Sometimes the prices of a rental car can change during the weeks before the trip. It would have been cheaper for her to wait and then compare prices when the date of the trip is closer. Comparing prices weeks in advance might not be helpful. It is better to compare them later.

Do Your Homework

Again, it can be tempting to want to get all of the expenses out of the way as fast as possible. But this can sometimes lead the traveler to make a hasty financial decision, which could cost her hundreds of dollars more than she would have paid if she did research. The wise traveler is one who will spend some time surveying the market to find the most affordable rental rate. Not all rental agencies are created equal. Some will overcharge.

Schedule Your Trip Based On Deals

Renting a car from Monday to Friday might be convenient for you. But it is also convenient for everyone else. That is the time that rental agencies will have a higher volume of traffic, making the rates more expensive. If your schedule is flexible (like visiting family or taking a vacation) then it might be in your best interest to find out when these agencies have discounts. Some will offer 50% off for weekend days. Rather than renting the car from Monday through Friday, try Saturday through Tuesday. At least then you will receive the discount for the weekend days.

Less Convenience Can Yield More Savings

When you step off the plane, you might be directed to the car rental agency right there in the airport. Unfortunately, these agencies will charge an additional fee for the convenience of being located in the airport. Typically, if an agency is further away from the airport, it will be cheaper. Further, it might be tempting to find a name-brand rental agency. But these will be more expensive than the local agency that is not as well-known. Sacrificing a little bit of convenience can go a long way.

Finding an acceptable rental car is important. But it is equally important to find one that is within your price range. If you overpay on the rental car, you might have to compromise on your hotel because you do not have as much money. If you make the effort, you can have a high-quality vehicle that is within your price range.

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