What Are the Best Ways to Revise for A Theory Test?

A driving theory test is one of the important essentials of passing a driving test. To be able to succeed in this test requires you to do a good amount of preparation and practice a lot. Just one time studying the course content is not sufficient. To be able to succeed in the test, and get your license in the first attempt, it requires a good amount of revision.

We are presenting you some tips and information on how you can revise for the test and improve your chances of passing in it.

About the driving theory test

Theory test is the first step towards achieving the driving test. It is the first test that will make the road for other tests like practical driving test. This test can be taken any time after 17 years. The test comprises of a set of multiple-choice questions on various different topics. These questions are needed to be answered in a speculated time frame.

Once you feel that are well prepared to take the driving theory test, the first thing that you need to do is to Book driving test. The sooner you book, the quicker you will be allotted the date to take the test and your driving license too.

Format of the driving theory test

According to the DVSA driving test, there are two main parts of a driving theory test. One is the multiple-choice questions where around 50 questions are asked to the candidate on various topics.

Some of these topics are alertness, attitude, safety of the driver and the vehicle, Safety margins, Vulnerable road users hazard awareness, other kinds of vehicle, vehicle handling and road conditions, road rules, motorway driving, road signs, traffic signs, essential documents, accidents, emergencies, vehicle loading, incidents, etc.

The passing score is 43 right questions out of the total 50 questions. The other test is the hazard perception test, where the knowledge of the candidate is judged on the basis of the Highway Code. The hazard perception test looks at the ability of a candidate to identify the various hazards in actual life scenarios.

Ways to revise for the test

Practice, practice and practice are all that is needed to become proficient in a driving theory test. The more you practice, the more confident you will become and quick to answer the questions. Highlighting the important areas in the text and then revising them after going through the entire topic once is the first thing that you should do.

You will get ample learning material, notes and guides that you can use to brush up your skills. Another way to revise is to take sample mock tests present on DVSA and various other websites. The more you go through the revision material and practice via mockup tests, the more your skills will increase.


Passing a driving theory test is the first step towards securing your driving license. The better your revision for the test, the higher are your chances for passing the test.

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