How LGBTQ Community Enjoys Their Life In Memphis?

Gay and lesbian population is less visible in Grind City in comparison to other populous metros. However, tourists to this sprawling metropolitan area cuddling the east-side banks of Mississippi River holds remarkable and outstanding attractions. You need at least three days to see all the best ones. The scene at high-octane club like New Orleans and Atlanta are not as expected for gay nightlife but there are some fun bars.

LGBTQ community nightlight scene

The pumping station is a top gay bar in Memphis. It is situated in midtown. A rainbow flag flutters proudly outside its entrance, which cannot go unnoticed. There are karaoke nights, pool tournaments, beer bust nights, drag race watching, dart competitions, and more. The menu includes BBQ, pizza, deep fried hot dogs and meat-ball sliders.

Theme nights include steak dinner on Wednesday or Tacos on Fridays. LGBTQ events are also hosted like the Wounded Warrior Project, Friends for Life, Tennessee Equality Project, etc.


The Dru’s Place is also an LGBTQ bar, which has huge TV screen that shows games, darts, pool tables, Texas Hold’em, Trivia, and live music along with cold beer. It hosts drag shows and karaoke every week. The lineup of performers, dancers, and singers is quiet impressive. Some even visit for the show and late night delicious pizza. The bar allows guests to bring their own drinks for a little charge.

Great LGBTQ events

Fortunately, the LGBT community is consistently getting visible because of the Gay Pride Event. In October, Mid-South Pride gets hosted along popular Beale Street in the core part of Downtown. In June, there is the Memphis Black Pride hosted in South Main neighborhood near Lorraine Motel in Downtown. The Mid-town and jazzy Cooper Young are eclectic neighborhoods, which got revitalized by the lesbian and gay community.

The International LGBTQ Outflix Film Festival has a mission to showcase and celebrate rich culture, art and intellectual achievements within the gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual communities along with their buddies and friends.

The Mid-south Pride Festival hosts a huge gay night dance party and even a parade, which rolls down Beale Street. This event is regarded as a colorful LGBTQ celebration that includes multiple exhibitors celebrating, entertaining, eating, and drinking. The local celebrities and politicians join the parade, which looks like a carnival including dancing, music, floats, and bombardment of king’s queens and more. Everyone can join, the trophies are awarded under several categories like best in show, best walking group or best theme.

In the Grind City, there is a designated lesbian and gay community center called OUTMemphis. The center hosts plenty of programs and events. They work towards making the life of every member of their community better.

Major events in Memphis

  • Early January – At Graceland, Elvis Birthday weekly celebration
  • May – In May International Festival, BBQ world championship contest, musical event, Memphis Film Festival
  • September – LGBT Outflix film festival, Cooper Young Festival, Mid-South Gay Pride
  • November – Indie Memphis Film Festival

For more information about the LGBTQ event calendar visit online or their OUTMemphis website.

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