How Digital Transformation Has Impacted The Insurance Industry

Customer-centricity is of a lot of significance for profitable expansion of insurance agencies. More and more customers are digital natives. They expect simplified and personalized services and products that fit their distinctive requirements.

To succeed in fulfilling the diverse needs of customers, insurers have to collect, supervise and monetize customer information from every angle and then integrate it with external data sources such as public data sets, social media, and sensors.

Advantage of digitization in insurance sector

Insurtech travel insurance provides new technologies such as advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence that vastly boost the digital transformation journey of an organization. They develop customized tools for retail insurance agencies. These tools can be used to dynamically optimize theĀ  layouts and designs of their travel insurance contents, based on previous interactions, real-time behavior, CRM data, and more.

What does insurer have to focus on?

Insurers are enabling meaningful and contextual interactions throughout the journey of the customer via multiple digital channels. It needs collection and analysis of data, to identify risk classes, settlement of claims, and also for determination of policy prices. Social media data, demographic data, public data, location information, sensor data, etc, can develop a holistic image of each and every customer.

By carrying out proper analysis of the data, retail insurance agencies can easily understand the lifestyle, preferences, and behaviors, of each and every customer. Hence, they are able to interact with them in a more personalized manner.

This is the right way to offer them personalized offers and services too. Machine learning also analyzes interaction with data, by which an insurer can improve, learn, and predict themselves more impressively for their next interaction with the customer.

What are the insurance companies doing to make them more efficient?

Insurance companies from all across the world have already invested a lot to bring about transformation in their customer experience. Some of them are data mining content that are present on social media to effectively segment their customers.

This will help them in positioning to specific services and products, in relevant and timely ways. A few of these firms use cloud-based VA (virtual assistant) tools to aid customers in locating local agents, obtaining timely advice and tips, and to perform research on relevant products.

One of the examples is of travel insurance, where they can use cognitive technologies and advanced analytics to maximize their value of their offerings. These systems can be developed for making automated payouts for travel delays, lost luggage, etc. It will go a long way in developing customer trust and credibility in the market.

Some of the insurance firms in UK use this approach form accurately pricing their premiums for each and every customer. These insurance service providers use AI services and data analytics to precisely calculate the price risks, improve claims management, and also to reward regular consumers with lower prices.


Retail insurance companies will require achieving a decent level of digital transformation in order to make it happen. Insurers who use digital technologies effectively in their business, are better positioned to respond to market challenges.

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