Useful Tips to Enhance Your Mobile Flower Photography

Often when we come across wonders of nature, we feel like taking pictures. As we don’t carry our cameras with us always, the only option we have to catch the amazing image is our mobile phone camera.

For instance, you want to take photo shot of a beautiful flower, you come across while walking in the garden, the only possible way is to use the camera of your mobile phone. However, often individuals complain that as they don’t have well advanced camera in their smartphone, the rose pictures taken isn’t perfect. Experienced photographers suggest novice photographers to learn the right technique to use cameras to have the perfect desired picture of the flower.

Here are few tips to help you in taking the desired perfect mobile flower photography:

  • You need to know about the composition. For taking any good image, the pattern of composing is same for all DSLR and mobile cameras. Understand the rules followed by professional photographers.
    • Have image with clear focal point – You need to stand directly in front of the flower and then click. If it is a bunch then focus on the center flower. You can even pair them and the odd one left over in middle will be your focal point. If there are two flowers to focus concentrate on mid-range of flowers.
    • If you can arrange the flowers, it is best to arrange them in odd numbers. Never leave the center to be empty because when you focus on the camera, the center spot occupies the camera lens prominently.
    • Flowers that are wide can be caught horizontally whereas flowers standing tall can be focused vertically.
  • Using flash fully while taking flowers shots should be avoided. Most often to take bright photo people use flash when natural light of Sun is falling on the flower. This makes the taken picture is glazy. It will be helpful to avoid built in flash while taking photos of flowers. For background brightness, you can use camera flash in moderation.
  • Focus on the part of the flower that enhances its look. Often people just stand before the flower to capture its beauty in camera. You try shots from different angles. You can lie down and take under shots or focus from above. Even side views of flowers are most enchanting to watch if they are fully blossomed big flowers.
  • Try to take multiple snaps in all positions with steady hands. Just taking few photos standing at the same place won’t be any help. You can afterwards, choose the best shot among them.
  • Edit the background if possible. Do the editing in a way for onlookers focus of attention which will fall on the flowers. Lot of cluttering background won’t be helpful to enhance the beautiful shot of the flowers. Try to keep it as plain as possible.
  • If possible take snaps during clear weather. It never helps to get good photography while the sun rays are quite directly falling or while there is a cloudy weather.

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