All You Need to Know About Kosher Food

The popularity of kosher food is increasing day by day due to their various benefits. In fact, a lot of people are following the Koshers diet to maintain their body health. However, some of the Jews consider Kosher diet as adherence to their religious diet traditions. Remember that, not all the Jewish communities follow the Kosher guidelines.

Kosher foods

Kosher foods are generally divided into 3 categories and they are dairy, pareve and meat. Let us discuss them in detail today.

Meat – This generally indicates the flesh from a certain type of mammals. The by-products such as bones, gravy and etc also come under this category. According to the Jewish law meat will be considered as Kosher only when it meets the below-mentioned criteria –

  • Meat from the animals which chews their cud is generally considered as Kosher meat. Some of the animals which chew their cud include cows, goats, sheep and etc.
  • Meat from the domesticated fowl will also be considered as Kosher meat. For example, meat from Turkey, doves, and hens is considered Kosher meat.
  • Meat should be very clean i.e. free from any traces of blood. Meat needs to be soaked and cleaned properly.
  • All the utensils used for cleaning and preparing need to be Kosher.

The List mentioned below will not be considered Kosher.

  • Meat from horses, camels, pigs and etc will not be considered Kosher.
  • Meat from birds like owls, eagles and etc will also not be considered Kosher.

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Milk – Foods which are derived milk are generally called as milk products. Products that contain milk are also called as milk products. Some of the commonly used milk products include cheese, yogurt, butter and etc. These milk products will be considered as Kosher only if they meet the below criteria –

  • Milk should belong to a Kosher animal.
  • They should not be mixed with any kind of meat-related items.
  • They must be prepared only using Kosher equipment and utensils.

Pareve – foods which are neither dairy nor meat are generally known as Pareve. Some of the common foods that come under this category include the following – vegetables, eggs, fruits, soft drinks, tea, coffee, fish and etc. In order to consider these items as Kosher, they should meet the criteria mentioned below –

  • Fruits or vegetables that contain insects are generally not considered as Kosher.
  • Eggs that contain blood spots are also generally not considered as Kosher.
  • Shrimps, oysters, crabs and etc are not generally considered Kosher.

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