How Does CBD Help To Recover From Depression?

Feeling stuck and sad is a part of everyone’s life that comes and goes. Usually, people find the strength to process depressed moments and recover. Unfortunately, at times sadness clings to your life without budging an inch, which transforms into depression. Depression is a disorder, which can damage the mind and body.

Depression is hard to handle but with some self-care programs and holistic lifestyle changes can help to recover from it. Many people use CBD products as a form of treatment for their depression. If you are considering CBD oil, then here is some information that can help you understand how CBD helps to recover from depression.

Remember, CBD is derived from industrial hemp and is non-psychoactive. It is the THC [Tetrahydrocannabinol], which triggers the high. CBD products are available in the form of edible, topical, oral and vaping. CBD cartridges are slim and contain pure CBD distillate but make sure to purchase them from a reputable and trusted source.

How do CBD products help to recover from depression?                                                                      

Neural regeneration

A decrease in serotonin is connected with depression. Anti-depressants cause an instant increase in serotonin but it takes weeks before an improvement in your mood is experienced. Therefore antidepressants are not directly liable for recover from depression…….so what’s it?

Depression impacts an area in the brain called the hippocampus. The unique section can recover and start developing new neurons along with new connections through the neutral generation or neurogenesis process. Actually, the antidepressants stimulate the neurogenesis process within the hippocampus, so it takes weeks for the drug to kick in. the neurons need some time to recover, grow, and develop new connections.

How CBD products stimulate neurogenesis?

CBD has received FDA approval for epilepsy seizure treatment because it protects neurons within the hippocampus. According to scientists, CBD regenerates the hippocampus through the following ways.


CBD increases anandamide level in the hippocampus that stimulates the development of neurons.

BDNF [Brain-derived neurotrophic factor]

BDNF level increases in the brain and depressive symptoms reduce.

Serotonin receptors

CBD activates the 5-HT1A serotonin receptor, which augments the neurogenesis process within the opossum hippocampus.


CBD binds to this receptor and prompts the DNA to start producing anti-inflammatory and neuron-protecting compounds. It even stimulates the hippocampal neurogenesis.

Can CBD help in anxiety?

Anxiety and depression occur together, so CBD can help in both conditions. Anxiety is also connected to low serotonin levels. Therefore CBD’s bonding with serotonin receptors may explain the benefits. Other situations that are triggered due to depression are cognitive impairment and social discomfort.

Antidepressant vs. CBD

CBD does have few benefits over the antidepressant drugs. CBD has quick and sustained anti-depressant-like effects, while the majority of antidepressants take weeks to kick in. CBD results in fewer side effects in comparison including mood swings, sexual dysfunction, agitation, and insomnia. Sensitive people have experienced side effects like appetite change, fatigue, and diarrhea with CBD.

A word of caution

CBD has benefits over antidepressants but is not a replacement. If you are on antidepressant prescription already, then talk with your doctor first. Never stop taking prescribed antidepressants abruptly. You can discuss with your doctor and work a plan to decrease the dosage slowly.

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