Learn Which Types of Bags Are Permitted and Banned by The Government

Looking at the negative impact on the environment and health of people and animals, a few types of plastic bags have been banned by the government. Only the ones that are reusable or made from environment-friendly materials are allowed to be used by the public. If you are in the market in search of a shopping bag, then it is required that you must get information about its legality status before buying it.

List of bags that are banned by the government

Single-use plastic bags are extensively used for shopping bags before the government put a ban on them. As these bags can’t be recycled again, they are called as single-use bags. Due to the ban on these plastic bags, retailers all over the country are prohibited to use such light in weight, single-use, plastic bags. It is important for retailers to check with the supplying agency if they are not sure about the thickness and composition of bags.

Custom grocery bags are one of the best places to find eco-friendly customized bags at the best price. You will find different types of bags made from different types of materials. All the bags allowed to be used by the public.

What type of plastic bags is banned?

A specific type of single-use plastic bags is banned by the government. Bags that come under this category include degradable plastic bags. Plastic bags that have a thickness of fewer than 35 microns are banned.

Degradable bags are made from plastic, with the presence of an additive that causes them to break apart quickly as compared to standard plastic bags. Such degradable varieties of bags lead to the same level of environmental destruction as done by a standard plastic bag.

Which bags are permitted by the government?

Barrier bags

Barrier bag is intended for carrying loose production. They are distributed from a roll and are provided by retail stores to keep fish, meat, vegetables, and fruit isolated from other grocery products.

Heavier retail plastic bag

These types of retail plastic bags are reusable in nature. They are made from a thick plastic material. These bags are used by department and clothing stores. They are now sold at most of the ACT supermarkets. One can reuse these bags several numbers of times. This makes them an eco-friendly option.

Reusable shopping bag

These bags are made from woven cotton. They are sturdy and durable bags that last for a longer time. These bags are considered as ‘green bags’ designed for multiple uses.

Biodegradable bags

There is a difference between degradable bags and biodegradable bags. Biodegradable bags are not banned like degradable bags. The compostable form of biodegradable bags is made from “plant starch” instead of plastic. Due to this reason, they fulfill Australian Standard AS 4736-2006 and are exempted from the ban.


Use or distribution of bags that are not permitted by the government can also put you under a lawsuit. To save yourself from paying charges and lawsuit, it is important to learn about them. The above information serves as a helpful guide that informs you of the right bag for your use.

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