View Grand Cayman from Different Angle That Only Local Residents Enjoy

The British Overseas Territory in the west side of Caribbean Sea comprises of three islands that are Grand Cayman, Little Cayman as well as Cayman Brac. This territory is considered the financial center for many wealthy people and international businesses. All three islands are the best tourist destinations. However, Grand Cayman is considered the biggest of all three and has various natural attractions.

There are many water sports activities like scuba diving as well as snorkeling that is held on Grand Cayman beaches. The Seven Mile Beach consists of resorts, clubs, and hotels that make it the most commonplace for all tourists. You can discover the beach or also go for individual rides at different spots if you don’t like crowd. However, when it is the first time visiting such place, it is always good to go for Grand cayman boat charters so that the guide can take you to all paces that are attractions of Grand Cayman.

Cayman Sea Private Charter provides a unique and personal tour of the sea. If you have kids or senior citizens, they will always provide you with private tour to make you feel homely. All staff is professional with humbleness and great knowledge of sea. All crew members have good knowledge of ocean and are provided with safety-oriented training. So, if it just you and your spouse or a group of twelve people, they have proper space and equipment like life jackets and swimsuit for everyone.

When you reach the tourist destination, you will be shown commonly known places to tourists. However, it is rare that tourist guides take you to places that are hidden secrets of the city. Unless you aren’t aware of all places, you will never be able to explore them. Thus, we want you to know some hidden places in Grand Cayman to explored apart from common attractions –

  • Visit the Northern Trail road of the Island to see rabbits and different wildlife while walking down the trail. Simply park your vehicle on the road and walk down the trail to enjoy the scenic beauty and chirping of birds.
  • If you walk on the west main road of Bodden Town you will find a shoe tree that holds varieties of shoes and slippers with names on it. This tree was formed by locals after Hurricane Ivan.
  • The West Bay Cemetery not only has many historical cemeteries, but it also has a small swimming site that is often spotted with Nurse Shark, turtles, parrotfish, eels, and tangs.
  • You can also explore the farmers’ market at Camana Bay which is held every Wednesday until evening.
  • You can experience millions of Dwarf herrings underwater during early summer to fall. If you have hired a boat with a diver during this period, then don’t miss the chance of seeing millions of them swimming in the ocean.

There are many spas and fitness center that attract tourists all day. Not every time you get the chance to explore the city in-depth, therefore don’t forget to know their culture and traditions by tasting their local food. Explore all small and big restaurants to enjoy their cuisine.

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