Can A Third Party Sue The Uber Or Lyft Companies Or The Drivers?

In case of an accident, while riding on an uber or lyft, it is crucial to consult an uber and lyft accident lawyer before taking any step. Third parties can also sue the drivers or the shared-ride app companies in case of an accident. It is, however, dependent on the accident scene as well as the insurance policy at hand.

The share ride apps operate with complicated insurance policies which are hard for people involved in the accident to understand. Listed below are the insurance policies of the companies and how they operate:

  • The driver is off the clock- This means that the driver is not accepting any ride requests at the moment. In case of an accident, their personal car insurance will take charge, and the rideshare app companies are not liable.
  • The driver is available, but no passengers-it is when a driver is available to ick ride requests but do not have a passenger at the moment. In case of an accident, the driver uses their personal insurance policy. However, the companies chip in with some contingency insurance when there is damage to properties and injuries to third parties.
  • Driver on the clock-It means that the driver has a passenger on board. The company’s insurance cover is behind the driver giving a million worth coverage on liability and property available to the victims.

Notably, insurance amount one can draw is highly dependable on whether the driver was on the clock, and if you are a third party. It is however enough to warrant for suing either the driver or the company with the help of an Uber and Lyft accident lawyer.

When to sue as a third party

Being a third party in the scenario means that the victim of the accident was not riding with the uber driver. They can be a driver or a passenger of another car that got an accident with the uber or lyft. They can also be pedestrians that were hit by the uber or lyft.  The actions a victim and the uber and lyft accident lawyer takes in any of the given cases depends on whether the driver was on waiting for requests, with a passenger or off the clock.

When the driver is off the clock or was waiting for ride requests, then you will have to have a claim against the driver alone. The company is not liable since the driver was not on the fare but will issue some contingency when needed.

If the driver was on the clock and accepted a ride request, the company is liable but will fight the claim. It is upon you and the uber and lyft accident lawyer to have a strong case to get the compensation.


Identifying whether the driver was on the clock or off the clock can be hard in case of an accident. The victim should exchange information with the driver and let the uber and lyft accident lawyer know the course to take after that.

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