Happy Halloween from Transylvania – Exciting Day Excursions to Try

What better way could there be to celebrate Halloween than to be in the birthplace of Dracula and surrounded by like-minded people ready to sightsee and party? With tours in Transylvania ranging from 2 to 7 days, there is bound to be one you like.

  • 3 day Halloween party

Be ready to experience 2 parties in 3 days.  One is in the birthplace of Dracula the Sighisoara Medieval Citadel and the second in Bran Castle. In the Citadel you will be presented with a traditional Romanian meal with wine and spirits. The entertainment will be a production of The Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead – a way to ensure that moroi and strigoi do not rise from the grave. Black Witch of the Woods will also be performed. Day 2 will see you drive to Bran and view The Clock Tower, museums and other attractions. Night-time sees you dining at the Bran Castle, dancing with Wicked Fairies and enjoying local wine. The evening ends with the screening of a horror film.

  • 2 day tour

This slightly shorter tour still has a lot to offer. The beautiful German Renaissance castle has the Carpathians as its backdrop. The morning allows you the chance to see Bran and take in the Baroque architecture. You will visit: –

  • City Hall and the Palace of Justice
  • The Black Church
  • Black Tower
  • White Tower
  • Council Square

The first evening sees you celebrate Halloween at Dracula’s castle. The castle is on top of a 200-foot high rock and displays many turrets and towers. On waking the next day, you will go on a walking tour of Brasov– the Sighisoara Citadel Tour–which will give you the opportunity to visit the birthplace of Vlad Dracul.

  • 7 days, 3 Halloween parties

With so much celebrating to do, it will be best to keep a copy of the itinerary close by. Beginning and ending in Bucharest the 7 days will let you learn so much about Romania.

Day 1 – The day begins with a visit to the burial place of Vlad Dracul the Snagov Monastery. It ends with dinner at a top restaurant before retiring to a 4* hotel

Day 2 –Travel to Poienari which was Vlad’s fortress. If you manage to climb the 1400 stairs you will deserve the rest at Sibiu and the Saxon meal before another 4* hotel.

Day 3 – Visit the Gothic Corvinesti Castle in Hunedoara and the oldest Romanian salt mine. There is a vampire meal at night

Day 4 – more salt mines at Turda then a city tour through Cluj Napoca including seeing Saint Andrews Cathedral. Get into your costume and enjoy the first party at Borgo Pass.

Day 5 –Travel to the UNESCO World Heritage site  – Sighisoara Medieval Citadel then in the evening its costumes for the second party.

Day 6 –Back to Bran via Brasov and a tour of the two places. Night see you at another party at Bran Castle – Dracula’s Castle.

Day 7 –After visiting Pelisor Castle you return to Bucharest.

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