Legal Requirements for Driving in UK

If you are interested to bring your own car in order to drive in UK then it will be better to know about various rules for driving in this country.

Following are few of the legal requirements in order to be eligible for driving in this country:

  • Your must have your personal ID
  • All the necessary vehicle documents
  • Valid driving license
  • European accident statement
  • Insurance for breakdown and accident
  • Insurance certificate
  • Green insurance card
  • Your car must have necessary seatbelt
  • Certificate for international travel insurance

In case, you do not have valid driving license for driving in this country then you can appear for driving test by registering on and after clearing it you need to clear your practical driving test to obtain the driving license.

Your car must have the following equipment in it:

  • Reflective jacket
  • Warning triangle
  • First-aid kit
  • Spare light bulbs
  • Fire extinguisher

Speed limit

Usually, it will be very unusual to find any signs for speed limit in the UK. Only if speed limit differs very much from the normal limits, you will not find any signs. Therefore, you must be aware about speed limits on different roads and adjust yourself accordingly.

Speed cameras for fine 

Usually, you can go exceed by about 10% and 2MPH of standard speed limit, however it is at the discretion of the police while providing you with the ticket if you are even 1 MPH in excess depending upon the traffic condition. Police may give you following notice:

  • Just a verbal warning
  • Advise you to attend speed awareness course for which you also have to pay
  • A fine of 100 pounds and penalty notice
  • Prosecution where you may go to the court with fine up to 1000 pounds.

Roads in UK

In the UK, there are 3 different types of roads and the speed limit may also vary accordingly:

  1. Motorways

Here only high-speed vehicles can go at the speed of 70 MPH and no pedestrians are allowed to walk on these roads

2. Primary roads

These are smaller and slower roads that can be either single or dual type of carriageways. Mostly such roads are in the populated areas of the country.

3. Non-primary roads

Usually, these routes are present near any primary roads.

Various legal risks while driving in UK

Following are few legal risks involved while driving in UK:

  1. Drink driving
  • Blood alcohol contents in Wales, England and Ireland is 80 microgram/100 ml of breath
  • In Scotland the same limit is 50 microgram/100 ml of breath
  • The effect of alcohol depends on individual weight, metabolism and age and hence drinking driving must be avoided
  • If you are caught for drinking and driving then fine can be even 5175 pounds too.

2.  Texing while driving

  • Mobile phone usage while driving will attract fine of 90 pounds
  • Only emergency numbers like 999 or 112 is allowed
  • You can use phone after parking
  • Hands free phones are allowed but police can still stop

3.  seatbelts

  • Always wear seatbelts while driving
  • Without seatbelt driving may attract fine of 440 pounds
  • Only exception given while in reverse driving

4.  worng parking

  • Learn better way of parking
  • Wrong way of parking may attract fine.


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