Impact Of Youth Leaders In Curbing Violence In Memphis

In Memphis, the rate of crime is increasing day by day. The traditional measures set up in the past are failing to yield favorable results. Due to which an i-team is set up that comprise of youth leaders. They work to formulate effective and innovative strategies to curb violence in Memphis. With these strategies there has been seen a reduction in crime rate.

Condition of violence in Memphis

Authorities said children are being hired to join gangs from a young age. A child in his formative years is seen indulged in violent activities. He also said these young members of gangs carry guns, break into cars, do theft, robbery, drug selling, and also commit crimes in their neighborhoods. So many of these children are in jail, are dead and have a bleak outlook. This is a very serious issue that needs to be dealt with immediately.

Memphis Crime Commission is actively involved in curbing violent and criminal activities in Memphis. This is a cell that comprises of youth leaders. They have set up a five-year plan to completely eradicate or bring down the crime rate to a significantly low level.

Every gang is seen to run by an old member. It comprises of several entities those talks to kids at schools and in the neighborhood to influence more and more kids to join their gang. Their entire purpose is to double the size and spread more violence in society.

Several gangs have emerged in Memphis that seems to be violent. They need no reason to shoot a gun. One of the important reasons for firing gunshots is the propagandas and hate being spread on social media. It can begin with an Instagram tweet or a Facebook post. It can also be due to posting any disrespectful status or disliking a musician.

How are youth leaders helping to bring down the crime rate?

Looking at the failure of old governmental measures and policies to curb crime, many of the youths are appointed to take up this challenge. It has been seen that with their involvement and implementation of strategies formulated by them, there has been a reduction in the violence and crime rate. This is a big sign of relief for the entire Memphis city.

How parents can contribute to curbing violence in society?

Most of the parents have no idea about the friends of their children. It is the duty of parents to keep a watch on those friends and the daily actions or phones of the children that can save their life.

Youth leaders insist that parents should fight for their children. There are presently 6 gang injunction regions in Memphis that were identified by them. Authorities have noticed a reduction in crime in these areas and also continue to look for ways to lower gang violence.


Where government policies have failed, measures taken by youth leaders have successfully minimized criminal incidences. Due to the initiative taken by youth leaders, these areas are banned for criminal activities. This is a favorable sign for Memphis.

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