The Do’s and Don’ts to Follow Before Getting Behind the Wheel for The First Time

Quality driving education and parent-supervised driving practice cuts down the risk of accidents. So, have you finally decided to enrol yourself in a good driving school? Start by making a list of good driving schools in your area. Visit the facilities, ask the necessary questions and narrow down the options.

Choose a school that has an intense training program. It is also important to check if the teaching style of driving instructor works for you. LTrent Driving School has devised a world-class curriculum that helps students to easily drive anywhere. Driving for the first time can be scary for many. Knowing what to expect in your first class helps to ease your nerves.

The first step:

Start by securing your provisional license. Though this one seems obvious, there have been instances where new students turn up to class without one. You will be allowed to drive a car only if you possess a provisional license.

Your first driving lesson:

This is probably the first time you’ll be meeting your instructor. It is natural to feel a bit nervous. Carry the following.

  • Your provisional license
  • Comfortable shoes
  • A bottle of water
  • Jumper

Know the Do’s:

Wear appropriate and comfortable shoes: Don’t be surprised by this. Comfortable footwear enables easy driving. Whilst wearing uncomfortable shoes, you won’t be able to feel the pedals properly especially when hitting the accelerator. A pair of comfortable shoes with thin soles would aid in aid in exercising full control of the car.

Your body clock: There are certain times of the day you feel more alert. That’s the time of the day you’ll take in your driving lessons better. If you think you are more alert during evenings, opt for evening classes.

Ask questions: It is imperative to get all your doubts cleared. The role of the instructor is to help you throughout the driving training. It is always better to ask questions no matter how silly you find it. The question may turn important too – You never know!

Know the don’ts:

Don’t panic: Remember you are the first one to learn to drive and it is totally okay to make mistakes. Don’t let your panic hold you back. The worst thing that could happen during your classes is you may end up holding up traffic. But hey! We’ve all been there and it is understandable.

Don’t drive without glasses: Since you are already feeling panicky, you may miss your glasses at home. In that case bring it to the attention of the instructor. The instructor could drive you home to pick it. Don’t try to drive without glasses at any cost. You’d either end up feeling more nervous because of the blurry vision or get a headache.

Don’t think you have mastered the art: Even if you come into the class with some amount of knowledge on driving, it is important to listen to your instructor. Be open to his tips. Your instructor knows what exactly is needed to crack the driving test. Continue learning from others and experiences.

Being aware of the Do’s and Don’ts while starting your driving lessons makes you feel more confident. Confidence is the key to good and safe driving.

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