Ready to Set Sail on Your Maiden Cruise Vacation – Be Mindful of These Cruise Etiquettes

Cruises are synonymous with over-indulgence be it relaxing, eating or drinking. Vacations are about pampering yourself. What better way to de-stress yourself than adding a cruise plan to your vacation itinerary? Cruises add a touch of sophistication to your vacation. You can curl up at the balcony, have your alone-time or spend quality-time with your loved ones.

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General cruise etiquette:

There is a list of things you are expected to do on a cruise while there are some things which you should totally avoid. Read below to save yourself from embarrassment, and criminal charges.

Smoke/Light a candle: Cruise lines restrict smoking to certain areas of the cruise including cabins and private balconies. The reason smoking is condemned in certain areas is due to the risk of fire accidents. Anything involving fire/heat is hazardous. The next time you want a nicotine-fix, use only the designated area.

Ssshh! Don’t be loud: You can choose to be loud in your private cabin during a heated argument but cruises have thin walls. Tone down your volume so that you don’t disturb others.

Stealing towels and bath robes: Think twice before stuffing cruise goodies in your suitcase. Missing products can result in heavy fine.

Making a mess: Just because you are on a vacation, it doesn’t imply you don’t have to tidy up. Tidying your cabin does you good since there is only limited room for you to move around. Leaving your cabin disorganized will take up more of your vacation time since you’ll end up searching your belongings often.

Argument with the cruise staff: It is suggested that you avoid getting into arguments with cruise officials. If there is any issue, sort it out politely. The Cruise captain and the crew have the authority to de-board you.

There is a reason a specific area is marked ‘off-limits’: Some rules are flexible while some shouldn’t be taken lightly. There is a lot of technological stuff involved with cruises. Stay away from areas which are restricted. Don’t let your curiosity get the better off you.

Cruise Dining etiquette:

  • Avoid stealing from the buffet: It’s just not worth it. We have read instances where few were caught for stealing silverware. You don’t want to be that person.
  • Dress appropriately: Since it is a formal dining area, dress like how you would normally do when dropping by a sophisticated restaurant. Even if your cruise line accepts casual wear, avoid shorts, flip flops, swim sear and dress appropriately.
  • Avoid cutting in line: Queue for food and other activities can be quite long. Your ticket to tick off fellow passengers is cutting the waiting line. It is plain rude.

There is nothing new with cruise etiquette. It is similar to checking into any hotel. Keep these in mind to ensure a smooth cruise vacation.

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