Reversing A Car In A Straight Line Is an Easy Deal – Tricks To Get It Right

Driving is fun. It is a taste of independence. Many start learning to drive early on in life so that they don’t have to depend on others to commute between places. Driving is a privilege that can be taken away from you if you don’t follow safe driving practices. Sign up with a driving school to learn every single aspect of driving that’ll prove helpful life-long.

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Reversing a car in a straight line:

There are a handful of tricky maneuvers that take time to master. You’ll need constant practice to get it right. Reversing a car reserves a spot in the top 5 difficult maneuvers. Are you a new driver struggling with this? You can follow these tips during your private practice sessions.

Start by checking mirrors: Check:

  • Ride side mirror and right blind spot
  • Middle mirror and ahead
  • Left side mirror and left blind spot
  • Driveways and junctions for other vehicles and pedestrians

Find the starting position:

When you have to reverse in a straight line, position your car in the right starting position and pull up close to a curb in such a way the sides of your car won’t brush it when you attempt to reverse. To make sure you move in a straight line, you can use the curb for reference and move parallel to it.


Since you are traveling in the opposite direction of other vehicles, other vehicles have more priority. Start moving your vehicle very slowly ideally at 1mph or less. When moving backward there are more chances of missing bikers and pedestrians who are approaching your vehicle and not everyone will notice your reversing lights. Three ways to reverse are:

  • Looking over your shoulder: This works better for smaller vehicles. Turn towards your left side and brace the passenger seat of your left arm for support be careful not to lose control of the wheel. Look through the rear window/ use the wing mirror (in narrow spaces) to reverse.
  • Using mirrors: Modern vehicles come with small rear windows and the previous method can’t be applied. Position the side mirrors in such a way the sides of the vehicle are visible and start reversing. If you notice any obstacles in the left mirror or right mirror, steer in the clockwise direction and the anti-clockwise direction, respectively.
  • Spotter/ guide: You can ask your travel companion to get to the back of your car and guide you to reverse the car.

Once you complete the reversing, change the car out of reverse gear to signal other vehicles that you are in the clear. All it takes is more practice to master this maneuver. You can get guidance regarding easy techniques from your driving instructors.

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