Compelling Private Water Taxis Are Great For Exploring Sydney Harbor

Sydney is the most beautiful, largest, and oldest city in Australia. It lies between an enticing merger of sea and water. You can glide across the sparkling harbor on a water taxi and see the great icon Sydney Opera House as well as admire the graceful steel arch of the world’s largest bridge – The Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Sydney Harbor is spread across 240 km of shoreline. It is peppered with picturesque gardens, natural bush pockets, and unspoiled beaches. Tourists choose the standard harbor cruises without any knowledge about other ways. Cruises are fine but exploring the harbor in a water taxi can be great.

A budget traveler can take a ride on the ferry, a public transport. Adrenaline junkies can choose the speedy jet boat ride and enjoy the journey space rather than the main attractions. Active tourists can try kayaking but you will need a little experience. There are the hop-on-hop-off services, but you will need to plan your trip according to their timetable or can get stuck somewhere for long. Now, let’s get to know why H2O Water Taxis are a great option for exploring Sydney Harbor.

  • Water taxis are agile and easily get closer to small docks, sandy shores, and the best sights, which is not possible in large vessels. In a water taxi, you will have access to the whole harbor. Check the map to choose a destination you desire to explore and enjoy being the captain of a ship.
  • You can take advantage of the small water private taxi to experience the hidden gems of Sydney. You can reach the unfamiliar spots accessible via the waterway. For example, the Chinaman’s beach located, near the popular Balmoral beach or the Gordons Bay close to Clovelly beach.
  • You can hire H2O private water taxis for small groups to celebrate special occasions or corporate events. You can take your group to some harbor-side bar, restaurant, or venues for a celebration. Celebrate a special occasion from a different perspective.
  • For more luxury, choose a limousine-style water taxi with deluxe features. You can enjoy the spacious cabin area beneath and the open rear deck as well as smooth seating arrangement. It is a romantic way to enjoy the harbor on a special day.
  • The water taxis are outfitted with modern safety equipment and up-to-date technology. With Wi-Fi on the boat, you can stay connected on the move. There are seating arrangements in an open and enclosed area, so you don’t need to get concerned about weather changes. You can enjoy sunbathing and if it rains stay dry. In every situation, you are ensured quality time onboard.
  • You get a chance to plan your adventure course like visit a new neighborhood or a seaside restaurant or explore national parks.
  • You can take your refreshments, snacks, lunch packs, and alcohol onboard. Even carry your choice of music playlist and get the feet’s of party-goers moving!
  • The H2O private water taxis carry a license from the Australian government approving to offer water taxi services to personal and corporate users.

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