Top 4 Festivals In Maldives Which You Should Know

Maldives is considered as heaven on earth by most of the people. In fact, every corner here looks extremely beautiful. This is the reason why people from different corners of the world visit this place every year. The blue lagoons, many palm trees, turquoise sea and white beaches make this place a perfect destination for everyone. Maldives also has some wonderful resorts and hotels. Book your accommodation in one of them to enjoy your trip maximum.

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 Top Festivals

·         Eid-Ul-Adha: This is one of the most popular Maldivians festivals. This festival is also celebrated across the world. This festival is also known with other names like Qurbani Eid, Eid-e-Qurban etc.

·         Independence Day: Maldives got independence on 26th of July. This day is considered as a very special day by the Maldivians. In fact, they will celebrate it in a great way.

·         Ramadan: People here give great importance to this festival. During the Ramadan month people practice fasting and offer prayer to every day without fail.

·         Christmas: Christmas is also celebrated here by everyone. In fact, people here celebrate this festival by inviting their friends and relatives for either lunch or dinner. They cut the cake, distribute sweets to their neighbours and offer prayer to god. They also exchange gifts on this day. Maldives looks extremely lovely at night on this day with beautiful lighting.

Tips to stay comfortable during your trip

  • Sun Glasses: If you are planning to visit this place during summer then don’t forget to take your sunglasses with you.
  • Sunscreen Lotion: It is essential to apply sunscreen lotion on your body before stepping out of your room, to protect your skin from damage.
  • Skin Moisturizer: If you are planning to visit this place during winter then you must carry a good skin moisturizer with you, to prevent breakouts on your skin.
  • Clothes: Pick lightweight clothes for your Maldives trip, always to stay comfortable. Remember, wearing heavier clothes can make you feel irritated. In fact, they can make you uncomfortable if you are planning to participate in any of the activities or water sports.

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